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Conference on Burn Out in Chicago?

Hello!  This is an announcement to see if there is interest in organizing a gathering around the idea of burn out.

It seems relevant in these harsh political-economic times that anarchists
find  emotional, mental and physical practices
which sustain their lives.
What kinds of practices and theories contribute to a sustainable
life?  What are the roadblocks?  What are the extremely potent elements
which must be used carefully and sparingly?
Presentation topics might include:
– Transhumanism and therapeutic technologies;
– Concepts of Holism, Natural Healing and Indigenous practices;
– Physical, mental and emotional health theories and practices;
   (Eastern, Western, Indigenous… especially the effects of highly hierarchized systems);
– Concepts of race, class and gender health;
– Substance use and abuse;
– practices of expression and autonomous problem-solving: art-making and writing;
– Sadness as a political issue – theories and therapies;
– Histories:  radical communities, caricoles, temporary economics and burn-out;
It seems clear that no one person’s “answers to problems” will work for everyone.
However, the conference might act as a kind of buffet from which people could draw ideas.
People working in health fields could be particularly helpful in siphening-off information for the rest of us
without the payment plans.
Emphasis should be given to practices which have a track record and or literature.
This idea is in its very earliest stages.
all best to all,