Researches by burnt out anarchists.

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Conference on Burn Out in Chicago?

Hello!  This is an announcement to see if there is interest in organizing a gathering around the idea of burn out.

It seems relevant in these harsh political-economic times that anarchists
find  emotional, mental and physical practices
which sustain their lives.
What kinds of practices and theories contribute to a sustainable
life?  What are the roadblocks?  What are the extremely potent elements
which must be used carefully and sparingly?
Presentation topics might include:
– Transhumanism and therapeutic technologies;
– Concepts of Holism, Natural Healing and Indigenous practices;
– Physical, mental and emotional health theories and practices;
   (Eastern, Western, Indigenous… especially the effects of highly hierarchized systems);
– Concepts of race, class and gender health;
– Substance use and abuse;
– practices of expression and autonomous problem-solving: art-making and writing;
– Sadness as a political issue – theories and therapies;
– Histories:  radical communities, caricoles, temporary economics and burn-out;
It seems clear that no one person’s “answers to problems” will work for everyone.
However, the conference might act as a kind of buffet from which people could draw ideas.
People working in health fields could be particularly helpful in siphening-off information for the rest of us
without the payment plans.
Emphasis should be given to practices which have a track record and or literature.
This idea is in its very earliest stages.
all best to all,

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In Favor of Anarchist Pilgrimage.

Spent 3 days visiting 6 Native Indigenous sites in Michigan, 5 sites of previously inhabited Ottawa and Ojibway villages and the Ojibway Museum (Ziibiwing Center, done by Indians for Indians, luckily others are invited).  Overwhelming feelings of happiness as one could imagine children running among the trees, campfires and wigwams.  Museum showed paleo-indian technology and craft, amazing and beautiful as far back as 10,000 BCE: ornate jewelry, cloth, tools, clothing  and homes.  Very mobile people.

Every time there is a return to these sites there is a critique of our society from the perspective of simplicity and living close to nature.   Renewed desire for a sociality of life-affirming peace and joy, for dance and making things.  As if just being in the place of these ancestors gives an energetic boost.  The ability for people to work together as self-governing units is easily visible.  Not that far from the anarchist communes in which I’ve stayed.

Signs on the reservation referred to the situation of domestic abuse.  Research shows 3 out of 4 violent crimes involve alcohol and drugs.  Continued endorsement of alcohol-free practices.  Further thought about medicinal use of natural substances. Also about sedentariness and nomadism.