Researches by burnt out anarchists.

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In Favor of Anarchist Pilgrimage.

Spent 3 days visiting 6 Native Indigenous sites in Michigan, 5 sites of previously inhabited Ottawa and Ojibway villages and the Ojibway Museum (Ziibiwing Center, done by Indians for Indians, luckily others are invited).  Overwhelming feelings of happiness as one could imagine children running among the trees, campfires and wigwams.  Museum showed paleo-indian technology and craft, amazing and beautiful as far back as 10,000 BCE: ornate jewelry, cloth, tools, clothing  and homes.  Very mobile people.

Every time there is a return to these sites there is a critique of our society from the perspective of simplicity and living close to nature.   Renewed desire for a sociality of life-affirming peace and joy, for dance and making things.  As if just being in the place of these ancestors gives an energetic boost.  The ability for people to work together as self-governing units is easily visible.  Not that far from the anarchist communes in which I’ve stayed.

Signs on the reservation referred to the situation of domestic abuse.  Research shows 3 out of 4 violent crimes involve alcohol and drugs.  Continued endorsement of alcohol-free practices.  Further thought about medicinal use of natural substances. Also about sedentariness and nomadism.


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River People – by Peter Lamborn Wilson

We were taken by Peter’s book published by Autonomedia.  He is doing a mixture of psycho-geography, poetry, history, grieving, hagiography, tall-tale-telling, & political diatribe among other things, complete with pictures drawn from sources which connect to the text.  Nicely done. (River People. Wilson, Peter Lamborn. New York: Autonomedia Press, 2014).

We’d loved “the TAZ”, even with its minor problems, and then we’d read Vaneigem’s Movement of the Free Spirit.  What major books!!!

So what happens when you put “Movement of the Free Spirit” together with the “TAZ”?

Look.  Anarchists in the Midwest are burnt out.

– How do you recover something invisible, i.e. Energy?

We hope to find out and you’re welcome to come along for the ride.

Some ideas:

– Researches into ‘lost wisdoms’, reading between the lines of previous researches, especially, those related to nature;

– Attempts to retry, at this late stage of the game, practices which re-energize the physical and hence social body;

– Results of which can be made into works of portable art (i.e books).

Some of us have already started in Michigan, gathering info, visiting sites, reading and writing.  For the time being, we’re recommending an alcohol-free pursuit, to avoid the negative side-effects.  We can’t wait to quit our day jobs.  We hope to find bridges between city life and country life.

That’s all for now.